Hanging/slow response in phones and computers, ROM, RAM and processor

Hanging/slow response in phones and computers, ROM, RAM and processor

Hanging/ slow response in phones and computers, ever wondered why your phone/computer is hanging?Sure.

Everyone has. Read on to know why and how to go about it.

Hanging in phones and computers is mostly unexpected and could put the user into a tough phase handling it.

Some basic factors that triggers such behavior in your devices include

1. RAM(random access memory)

2. Hard disk/ROM(read only memory)

3. Processor

RAM ( random access memory) is the active storage unit for running applications/software’s

While Hard disk/ ROM (read only memory) is the internal storage unit of the phone/computer

Processor help in running of programs and application, thus speeding up the operation of programs and multi-tasking of apps

In the case of hanging/ slow response in your phones/computer

1. Close all applications/ software you are not working with at the moment

2. Clear some space open in your device internal storage (up to a gig in phones)3. Restart your device

4. If symptoms persists mostly for computers check the RAM if faulty, clean if dusty and reinstall.

5. Also for computer check the processor.

6. Clear unused app or files too avoid jam-parking of files 

7. If still occurring restart the device >

Note=Network can still cause it in phone operation, thus you need to restart the device and off your data connection to speed up.

 8. If your system still hanging/slowing, copy your files into drive(flash or SD card) and reset the device to get rid of every possible threat.

Restore backed up files and watch your device run.

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